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Communicate Your Ideas

Programming is communicating your ideas to a computer in a language designed to make that communication easy and intuitive.  By learning this language, you and your students can create almost anything and get a head start on a major 21st Century Skill.

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Teach Differently


You get to to code  your own portfolio of awesome projects to give you an idea of what the experience is like for your students.


With each project you’ll make mistakes and learn something new while gaining mastery over key Computer Science skills.


With empathy for your students flowing and the concepts fresh in mind, introduce your class to a world of creativity and learning.

Benefits Far Beyond Coding


Learning to code is a team sport. Students quickly learn the value of working together to fix bugs and to pursue large project ideas.

Critical Thinking

Students must understand what they’re trying to get the computer to do before they can communicate it.


Students have creative freedom over how they choose to fulfill project requirements and can always code their own projects for fun.

How to Bring Code Naturally to Your Classroom


Schedule a free 1 on 1 with one of our educators and learn how to code your first project in JavaScript.


Enroll in our professional development course and learn at your pace with the help of expert educators .


Create accounts for your students and use one of our template lesson plans or create your own.

Curriculum Progression

Our curriculum consists of 5 levels that students can work towards completing. To move up a level, students must complete a series of worksheets, projects, and a final assessment.