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“You’re introduced to something, you practice, ask questions, and make mistakes sometimes. Along the way your understanding of the topic gets better and better”

Yan - on what it's like to code

After-school student for 2+ years

From coding after school to coding tomorrow’s solutions

4 out of 5 students that study science, technology, engineering, or math subjects in college do so because of experiences at the K-12 level. Code Naturally enrichment programs are designed to be that experience. Our students build confidence in their ability to take on any challenge and learn from failure – ultimately preparing them to take on their dream career whether it’s as a software engineer, graphic designer, or pursuing their own startup.

Code Naturally Academy Programs

After-School Enrichment (ongoing)

3rd-5th Grade | Annual Program | Located on-site

On-going after school enrichment provides convenient child care while letting students learn to code at their own pace. Each student develops their own portfolio of projects driven by their ideas. Perfect for schools looking for year-long enrichment programs. Provides 8:1 Student to educator ratio. 

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After School Enrichment (Block) Introduction to Computer Science

3rd-5th Grade | 4-8 Weeks | Located on-site

6 to 8 week program designed for students that have never programmed before or have only programmed using block programming languages like Scratch Jr or Blockly. Students will learn key concepts such as loops, conditional statements, variables and more through project-based learning. Provides an 8:1 student to educator ratio.

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After School Enrichment (Block) Animation & Game Design

3rd-5th Grade or 6th-8th grade | 4-8 Weeks | Located on-site

6 to 8 week program designed for students that want to learn to code games and animations to share with friends and family. Students learn to apply math concepts learned in school to making their games come to life. They gain a great understanding of how they’ll apply what their learning in school. Provides an 8:1 student to educator ratio. 

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After School Enrichment (Block) Advanced Programming

Prior Experience or Course Required | 4-8 Weeks | Located on-site

This is a secondary 6-8 week program that’s only for students that have attended one of our prior classes. This is best set up as a 2nd semester or 3rd quarter class for schools using our program for the first 1st semester or quarter. Students learn advanced concepts such as functions, objects, advanced loops, and algorithms to help prepare them for AP Computer Science. Provides a 8:1 student to educator ratio.

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In-School Enrichment

3rd-8th Grade | 8-10 Weeks | Located on-site

Our in-school program provides trained educators to rotate through all of your classrooms in a particular grade level and provide a structured 8 to 10 part lesson over 2-3 months. This is our most equitable option as each and every student gets the opportunity to learn to code and receives an account on our app to continue programming well after the class. The curriculum for each grade level is adapted to that age group as well as to the experience level of the school. This is popular for schools looking to provide staff  STEM and coding experiences to students and is taught in 1 hour chunks as to not take up too much of the school day.

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It’s clear that diverse teams lead to better results. We strive to provide the opportunity to everyone and give students the opportunity to learn from a diverse set of perspectives.

All of our classes strive to have an equal number of boys and girls. Our program emphasizes that coding is not a boy or a girl thing, it’s for everyone that wants to do it. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’re more than happy to teach you! We strive for the same ratio in our teaching staff as well.

Computer Science is for Everyone

Our Students Love It!

Over 20,000+ student projects programmed so far
Crafted for students, with the help of students
Iterating and improving all the time
Empathy, Growth Mindset, and Design Thinking

Empathy and growth mindset are at the backbone of our approach to teaching and working with students. Understanding what drives them and giving them the opportunity to fail teaches students skills and habits that benefit them for a lifetime.

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