4 Awesomely Weird Projects from Code Camp!

Our students’ projects often surprise our educators. These are 4 of our favorite weird projects that we’ve seen programmed during summer camp. Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know which project is your favorite!


A Hunt for Cavities:

Madison had recently visited the dentist and was happy to find out she was cavity free! She was so excited that she decided to make “A Hunt for Cavities” – a game in which you explore a character’s mouth, tooth by tooth, and get rid of the cavities by clicking to drill away the cavity. Every time you finish, you can click the “b” key on your keyboard to return to the face and see the results of your dental work.  After she figured out the game mechanics – she did some research on color theory and chose complimentary colors and designed a logo for her home-screen. We see a future game designer in the making! Want to play? Click here.


Jiaqi’s Pacman Comic:

Jiaqi is one of the only 2nd graders attending our summer camp, and honestly – he’s making a great argument for why we should let in more students his age. His focus on learning new concepts and making cool projects is inspiring to say the least. In this animated comic – Jiaqi flipped the normal Pacman dynamic. Instead of Pacman running away from the ghost – he threatens to eat them! We appreciate the time he took to make sure that his comic looks great while being hilarious. Check it out here and find out what the ghost does.

Sassy Magic 8 Ball:

The Magic 8 Ball is one of our favorite projects to have students make. It’s a great way to introduce students to a basic but important data structure – arrays. Kianna – a 9th grader – took a pretty sassy approach. Kianna’s magic 8 Ball will answer your questions, all you have to do is click. What it doesn’t tell you is that most of the answers will not be what you were hoping for. She did throw a few less-sassy responses in to ensure that users didn’t lose all hope. Get all of your life questions answered here.

Solar System:

A beautiful solar system with all of the planets labelled – Truly the start to something wonderful: a way to explore the planets and learn about what makes each planet special. It seems like this student didn’t actually finish the project and moved onto making the next one, but the fact that she left a few bugs in her code makes this project one of the wackiest we’ve seen. Just click Neptune to see what we mean. Click here to check it out.