Code Naturally App

The Code Naturally app allows your class to learn to code together in JavaScript through project-based learning and an easy to use curriculum

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Designed to be Approachable


Designed to make it easy for students to get creating and remove the humbug around coding.


Students have a visual response to the code they write – helping them to figure out how the two relate.


From Day 1 students write real JavaScript code to create a sketch all their own

Made for Students

We’ve been lucky to have access to teachers and students from day 1 of app development. This has allowed us to release multiple versions of our app, collect feedback, and iterate. Features were added and removed based on whether students and teachers actually use them. We’ll continue to listen and iterate to ensure the best experience for our educators and our students.

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Integrates with Google

Google has done an excellent job in making technology accessible and affordable for schools. For this reason and the request of multiple educators and schools, we’ve optimized our application for Google Chrome and the Google Chromebook.


Teachers can import any Classroom and create accounts for their kids in less than a minute.


We provide digital copies of everything on Google Drive to make it easy for teachers to find and share in class.


Our app is designed to be used in the Google Chrome browser. You can download it here.