Communicating not Calculating

Many of us have this idea that computer programming has a lot to do with high level math and that being good at math correlates with being good at programming. Our founder is living proof that this isn’t true. When he took his first programming class, he assumed it’d be like math, and that he’d have an easy time solving any problems. However, with coding there isn’t always a problem to solve. Often, it’s more about leveraging a programming language to communicate your ideas and intentions. It’s much more like learning Spanish or French than learning Calculus.

Communicate Your Ideas

We teach students to think of their computer as their friend in another country – a country where the language is super specific and impossible to understand unless you follow all of the grammar rules perfectly. If they can do that, their friend inside the computer can use what they’ve been told and create anything you can think such as an illustration, animation, or game!


Empathy & Growth Mindset

Learning to code involves making a ton of mistakes, troubleshooting, making adjustments, and eventually getting the glorious satisfaction that comes along with making your code run and do what you want.


Students must put their selves in the shoes of their computer to troubleshoot their code.


With each mistake and success students learn, grow, and create at their own pace.


Students use coding to express themselves and put their personality into each project they create.