Advanced Programming

After-School Enrichment

Our more advanced students are creating projects that are visually appealing, exciting to watch or play, and that are thoughtfully programmed. Our students master difficult and challenging programming concepts by doing. They are constantly practicing what they have learned – using concepts from one game to create another that uses similar controls but has a completely new purpose. These students aren’t simply copying down information that they have memorized, but rather understanding why certain lines of code need to be added, what order they need to be in, and what they will accomplish. Our advanced programming classes give students who have already learned the basics to explore more complicated concepts among peers who are working on projects at a similar level.

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Decided by school


Decided by school. 4-8 week program depending on the length of weekly class.

Age Range:

8-11 years old with prior experience & 11-13 years old

Ideal for:

Schools looking for a flexible STEM enrichment program that fits into their existing after school enrichment options.