Animation and Game Design

After-School Enrichment

From making a car roll across the screen to designing a landscape that goes through all four seasons – our students have incredible creativity and a remarkable desire to create when jumping into the world of animation. Once animation basics are covered, most students are eager to dip their toe into game design. Just as they did when learning to animate, students follow frameworks provided in our workbook to help them understand what elements are essential when you’re designing a game. These frameworks teach them to leverage JavaScript to bring their games to life. Once they understand the basics and get a few games under their belt – they go on to pursue their own ideas with the help of our educators.

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Decided by school


Decided by school. 4-8 week program depending on the length of weekly class.

Age Range:

8-11 years old with prior experience & 11-13 years old

Ideal for:

Schools looking for a flexible STEM enrichment program that fits into their existing after school enrichment options.