The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript

javascript reasons

There are a vast number of programming languages to choose outside of JavaScript Each language has its own benefits and drawbacks. Each was created for a specific reason and evolved in some way to advance our modern day and age. Though we don’t believe it makes sense to pit these programming languages against each other, […]

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Why We’re Opening the Code Center

why we opened the code center blog header

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Steve Jobs “You should open your own code center one of these days.” This is something we’ve heard time and time again over the last few years from friends, parents, teachers, etc. And the day is here on […]

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4 Key Things to Know When Coding Your First Project

4 essentials when coding your first project

We’ve learned some lessons the hard way over the past couple of years when it comes to teaching kids to code. This is Chapter 5 of our ebook “A Brief Introduction to Programming.” Click here if you want to download the entire ebook for free. And rather than have you repeat them, we wanted to […]

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Empathy, not Expertise is the key to loving to teach coding

how to love teaching kids how to code

Programming requires empathy We need to understand the environment in which we’re programming, ourselves,  as well as the requests that we’re making of the computer. If a student incorrectly writes their first line of code, hits run, gets an error message, and quits because the “computer didn’t do anything” – they didn’t empathize. They should […]

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Why is it important to teach Programming?

Why is it important to teach kids to program?

There’s no better time to teach kids how to program than now Many students have an inherent curiosity about the technology that they use every day. The idea of “hacking,” “modding,” or customizing a computer or website excites them and gives them ownership of the machines they use at school and home. Most students want […]

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What is Programming? Thermostats and sandwiches have the answer.

Programming involves formulating instructions to be followed. You can write a program for anything from solving for an algebra equation to making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. The complete set of these instructions is called a program. When someone or something follows those instructions, then the program is executed. Generally speaking, programs process inputs […]

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Refactoring your Code from processing.js to p5.js

  We’ve updated JavaScript libraries from Processing.js to p5.js! Although some of your projects may need slight adjustments in order to work in this updated library, p5.js allows you to program touch interactivity, enable multiple key interactions at once, as well as access the WEBGL renderer to create projects in a 3D environment. There are […]

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10 Coding Myths You Should Absolutely Ignore

code naturally title image for coding myths with 6 greek mythological creatures

There are plenty of myths surrounding coding. With the digital age now in full effect, the “coding education” industry has grown significantly with apps, handbooks, tutorials, etc., that show children how to code. Learning to code can help kids develop problem-solving skills, improve their creativity, and boost their attention span. However, for every benefit coding […]

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Three Ways to Teach Creativity through Coding

brain illustration that shows right hemisphere being analytical and left side being creative

It’s incredible to see the amount of creativity our students display We know it surprises some people when we say creativity and coding in the same sentence. It just doesn’t compute (pun intended) for some people. These people see coding as computational, mathematical and, sometimes, boring. But there’s a creative side as well. Coding is […]

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