10 Coding Myths You Should Absolutely Ignore

code naturally title image for coding myths with 6 greek mythological creatures

There are plenty of myths surrounding coding. With the digital age now in full effect, the “coding education” industry has grown significantly with apps, handbooks, tutorials, etc., that show children how to code. Learning to code can help kids develop problem-solving skills, improve their creativity, and boost their attention span. […]

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Three Ways to Teach Creativity through Coding

brain illustration that shows right hemisphere being analytical and left side being creative

It’s incredible to see the amount of creativity our students display We know it surprises some people when we say creativity and coding in the same sentence. It just doesn’t compute (pun intended) for some people. These people see coding as computational, mathematical and, sometimes, boring. But there’s a creative […]

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What is STEM?

This term is everywhere. Everywhere you look, you see stories such as how Idaho schools are trying to incorporate STEM into their K-12 education or stories wondering where STEM will be in 5 years. But what is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and is a curriculum-based initiative that […]

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