Why Schools Need Mice on Campus!

By Sukh Singh & Charity Funtila   Chromebooks are an essential part of the modern classroom. They help our students connect to the web, access a plethora of learning applications, and keep a digital archive of their work through Google Drive. But – there’s a problem. As students use the […]

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Girls’ Code Camp: A Reflection

I’m Charity and I have been working with Code Naturally’s lead educator, Joey, to teach students how to create games and abstract art using code. This summer, Code Naturally partnered with Cabrillo to provide students with 4 code intensive one week summer camps. The last week was a girls only […]

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4 Awesomely Weird Projects from Code Camp!

Our students’ projects often surprise our educators. These are 4 of our favorite weird projects that we’ve seen programmed during summer camp. Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know which project is your favorite!   A Hunt for Cavities: Madison had recently visited the dentist and […]

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A Fantastic Week of Summer Code Camp!

Monday morning was full of excitement as we dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s for the last time before students arrived. The educators were ready to teach, the student folders were prepped, and the snacks were ready to go, but, as always before kicking off an important event – […]

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What is Programming/Coding?

What is programming/coding? Coding or programming is the process of giving your computer a set of instruction to carry out. This set of instructions is referred to as a program, app, application, or software. It can be thought of as a recipe like one you’d follow to make your favorite […]

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4 Things I learned as a Code Naturally Educator

       1.  Kids have big ideas! As an educator at the Code Naturally Spring camp, I expected to be the one teaching the children, which I did, but I unexpectedly learned from the children as well. Their questions and imagination inspired me. With coding anything is possible, and […]

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