Student Testimonial

“You’re introduced to something, you practice, ask questions, and make mistakes sometimes. Along the way your understanding of the topic gets better and better”

Yan (6th grader) - on Code Naturally
Creative Coding for Every Student

We enable students as early as 3rd grade to learn the same concepts and use the same programming language as college students. This is possible when they’re given the opportunity to apply what their learning to express themselves and realize their own ideas. Coding is the perfect way for students to communicate what they want to create to a computer through a structured language that requires them to learn and apply essential math, logic, and critical thinking skills.

Made for the Modern Classroom

Over 20,000+ student projects programmed so far
Crafted for students, with the help of students
Iterating and improving all the time
Empathy, Growth Mindset, and Design Thinking

Empathy and growth mindset are at the backbone of our approach to teaching and working with students. Understanding what drives them and giving them the opportunity to fail teaches students skills and habits that benefit them for a lifetime.

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