Our Curriculum Keeps Your Student Engaged & Excited While Letting Them Create Work They Love Using Concepts You Love!

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Curriculum in Byte Size Units

Broken down into convenient chunks that can be flexibly taught in 4-10 weeks per unit. 

Drawing & Design
Animations & Simulations
Interactions & Games
Programming in 3D

Supplement Your Subject with Coding!

Students can create almost anything in Code Naturally – especially fantastic historical illustrations, fun science simulations, math games, and entertaining animations.


Put a 21st century twist on history lessons by having students program illustrations, animations, and interactive maps based on the topic that you’re covering. They’re easy to print, present, and share with the class and parents!


From Physics to Chemistry to Biology – students can create simulations, illustrations, games and more to teach their peers a concept that they understand. We’ve found that students feel empowered when given an opportunity to teach other students through a project they programmed. 


Did you know that your student would have to understand and apply the distance formula to make a functional copy of Pac Man? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. From the coordinate grid to transformations to trigonometry – programming in Code Naturally helps to answer the age old question that math teachers never hear enough – “When am I going to use this?”

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