Ongoing In-School Enrichment

This is our flagship in-school program. It’s designed to provide enriching STEM experiences to students during the school day. The curriculum aligns with the NGSS framework as well as Common Core and CSTA standards. Our team often works with teachers at your school to align our lessons and projects with what’s going on in class. 

This is our most equitable option as each and every student gets the opportunity to learn to code and receives an account on our app to continue programming well after the class. Scheduling is done directly with your teachers to ensure the least amount of disturbance and the most amount of teacher buy-in. Curriculum is different at each grade level. As students pass through 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade with the program, their learning experience becomes cumulative, and they are able to learn increasingly difficult concepts as they progress through the years.

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Decided by school


Decided by school. 50-minute to hour-long classes once a week. 8-10 week program spread out over 2-4 months.

Age Range:

8-11 years old

Ideal for:

Schools looking for an equitable option to provide quality Computer Science and STEM experiences to all of their students.