Intro to Computer Science

After-School Enrichment

Taking the first steps towards learning a new skill can be difficult. We recognize that especially when it comes to coding, students are unsure of what “coding” even is and they can be intimidated by the fact that it is often characterized as a difficult skill to master. During our Intro to Computer Science classes, we make sure to start off with projects that make our students begin to think that coding is possible for them! From pixel art to complex sketches, students stretch their creativity while also working on familiarizing themselves with the coordinate grid. Students will walk away with a portfolio packed with unique and creative projects. They will have a mastery of the coordinate grid and a basic understanding of animation concepts.

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Decided by school


Decided by school. 4-8 week program depending on the length of weekly class.

Age Range:

8-11 years old with prior experience & 11-13 years old

Ideal for:

Schools looking for a flexible STEM enrichment program that fits into their existing after school enrichment options.