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Brook Knoll Elementary After School Program


Soar to New Coding Heights at Brook Knoll School!

  • Official Code Naturally t-shirt
  • 120-minute class every week
  • Snacks & water on-site

No long-term commitment. Change your class day anytime and cancel at any time.


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Learn Coding Today, Shape the World of Tomorrow

There are so many amazing things to do and create when kids learn to code. When given a platform of self-expression, it’s incredible what kids will push themselves to learn. Whether it’s the fundamentals of Computational logic or high school level math concepts, kids have no problem tackling intellectual challenges if it means seeing their unique ideas come to life on the screen in front of them.

Kids ages 8 to 12 can expand their creativity through hands-on projects with experts at Code Naturally. Campers choose their own adventure, then spend 2 hours a day for one to two days a week bringing their imagination to life.

While they do this, they’ll explore coding concepts and get hands-on with the same code professional developers use every day.

Coding knowledge is not required.

What Your Child Will Learn

  • The fundamentals of game design: stories, characters, settings, attributions
  • Key terms and concepts of the JavaScript programming language
  • Using algorithms, functions, loops, and hierarchies
  • Basic graphics and animation
  • Confidence in creating and implementing code
  • Testing and debugging
  • Tools and resources to take coding further through independent learning

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The Code Naturally Advantage

Attending courses at Code Naturally means students have the opportunity to learn first hand from our dedicated, highly trained tutors. Our classes maintain a student/tutor ratio of a 8:1 maximum, ensuring every child has the support they need to achieve great things.

Code Naturally is best experienced in person!

Schedule a visit by email or call us at 831-471-5425