The Code Naturally Curriculum Progression

What is the Code Naturally Curriculum Progression?

Our curriculum consists of 5 levels that students can work towards completing. To move up a level, students must complete a series of worksheets, projects, and a final assessment. These levels cover material for those with no experience, all the way to a high school level AP Computer Science course. Below are the skills learned in each level.

Level 1

Computer Science
  • The importance of syntax
  • Commenting Code
  • How Red, Green, Blue color logic works
  • Using pre-made functions
  •  Cartesian Coordinate Grid
  •  Geometric Shapes & Vertices
  •  Sequencing
  •  Outlining an idea for an illustration and breaking it down into doable steps
  • Patience with troubleshooting problems
  •  Experience in making mistakes

Level 2

Computer Science
  •  Loops
  • Conditional Statements
  • Booleans
  • Changing how a computer interprets your code
  • Applying negative numbers
  • Variables
  • Order of Operations
  • Applying Algebra
  • Using frames to plan and outline animations
  • Leveraging a computer to do repetitive tasks
  • Creating animations from their own ideas

Level 3

Computer Science
  • How to take in user input
  • How to manipulate user input
  • Combining conditional statements
  • For and While Loops
  • Intro to Arrays
  • Transformation
  • Radians, degrees, and angles
  • Compound expressions
  •  Ability to make interactive projects
  •  How to consider an end-user for our products apps and games

Level 4

Computer Science
  • Creating functions
  • Using functions to check math work
  • Using functions to make code more concise
  • Switch statements and short-hand
  • Applying Geometry
  • Writing functions to check math work
  • Writing functions for 3D shapes
  • Writing functions that deal with multiple inputs
  • Understanding how to break down math problems and formulas into a series of steps that the computer can understand
  • Ability to make games with a basic idea of game development strategies

Level 5

Computer Science
  • Constructors
  • Objects and Classes
  • Data structures
  • Manipulating arrays with For Loops
  • Discrete Math
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Introduction to Matrices
  • Combining and compounding functions
  •  Ability to build a basic game engine to use in multiple games
  • Ability to make small applications