Summer Code Camp @ Santa Cruz Code Center



June 18th – August 3rd

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM 

Half-Day & Full Day 


Early Bird Pricing Until April, 28th

Monday to Friday:

Half Day: 359.99 $259.00

Full Day: $599.00 $479.00

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Summer Code Camp

June 18th, 2018 – August 3rd, 2018

Monday through Friday

Morning Session: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Afternoon Session: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Full Day Camp: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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Camp Highlights:

Game Development

Students learn how classic games work and create their own version of some old favorites.

Real Programming

Students program in JavaScript and create games on par with students using the same language in their first year at college.

New Daily Goals

New games, goals, and challenges are presented to students each day to keep them engaged and excited.


We recommend students pack lunch but our team provides healthy snacks and water during code breaks for our hungry learners.


Students get multiple opportunities to work with friends and learn skills that allow them to work together efficiently and achieve mutual goals.

Code at Home

Students can keep adding to their projects or just play the games they made for fun using the Code Naturally app.

Early Bird Pricing Until April 28th!

Camp is Monday to Friday every week! You can sign up for 1 week or the whole summer. We give you a discount for each additional week that you sign up for.

Half Day (Morning or Afternoon): $359.99 $259.99

Full Day: $599.00 $479.00

Class Availability

Click over to June 18th – August 3rd to see what’s available! Options will be removed from each week as they fill up. Our team updates our calendar every Friday!

April 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • End of Early Bird Pricing for Code Camp on April 28th!
  • End of Early Bird Pricing for Code Camp on April 28th!
  • End of Early Bird Pricing for Code Camp on April 28th!
  • End of Early Bird Pricing for Code Camp on April 28th!
  • End of Early Bird Pricing for Code Camp on April 28th!

A Day at Summer Camp

Arrive & Check In

You’ll sign yourself in or you’ll be signed in by a parent. After, one of our educators will check you out a Chromebook and you’ll be seated with other students close to your experience level or age. If you’re working together with another student on something from a previous day – you can continue collaborating.

Coding Session #1

Use this time to plan a new project independently or with one of your fellow programmers. If you’re already working on something and have hit a road block, this is the perfect time to get 1 on 1 support from an educator. If you want to challenge yourself, we’ll have new challenges for you to take on every day!

Stretch & Snack Break!

Code Camp isn’t all programming. During break, we’ll put away our computers, get snacks, and take time to stretch and do some physical activity. After snacks and stretching, students get the opportunity to try out games and apps developed by other Code Naturally students. This is to stir their imagination and to show them that they can make games that they love playing!

Coding Session #2

All attendees participate in at least 1 Coding Challenge during the 2nd sessions. Students have an opportunity to work together and assess their understanding of the many Computer Science and Math concepts that they’re applying. After Challenges, students can get back to pursuing their own projects with the help of Code Naturally Educators.

Full Day Students!

Educators work directly with full day students on milestone projects to maximize the large chunk of time that they have at the Code Center. Students doing the full day camp are assigned readings and are required to spend a total of 2 hours of the day with their computer closed. During their offline time, they can plan and breakdown projects in detail with an educator, read about game development or Computer Science, or write about potential ideas that they’d like to pursue in the future. Full day students should make sure to bring a packed lunch!

Students Reflect on Camp!

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What do Kids Think?

In Code Naturally, you can make anything!


It's fun, I get to code with my friends, and create my own creations!


Coding is the best! It makes math more fun.


What do Parents Think?

The Code Naturally team is making coding fun so my daughter has an affinity and interest in applied science.


Great program for kids! My kid loved every minute.


She absolutely loves it and the staff makes coding fun and exciting! So grateful for all their enthusiasm and energy they bring!


Our Educators

They’re experienced, love programming, and know how to get your student excited about Computer Science.

Charity Funtila

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Guitar & Coding

Favorite Animal: Maltipoo dog

Favorite Food: Tacos

Why do you love teaching kids to code? They’re super creative and I love seeing what they’ll make. They also ask the best questions!

Joey Aronson

Hometown: Los Altos

Favorite Hobbies: photography, graphic design, and going to the beach.

Favorite Video Game: Tetris

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I like seeing their projects progress and get more complicated as they learn.

Morgan Eidam

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer & Going to the Beach

Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love that while I’m teaching code I’m able to learn along with the kids as they work on new projects. 

Kristian Talley

Hometown: Missoula, Montana

Favorite Hobbies: Mountain Biking

Favorite Animal: Tetra Fish

Favorite Food: Curry

Why do you love teaching kids to code? It’s awesome to help students realize their ideas while teaching them to create through a new medium.

Charlie Weigel

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Piano & Coding

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Food: Kimbap

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love working with kids because of their endless imaginations and teaching them to code allows them to make their imagination a reality.

Sukh Singh

Hometown: Moreno Valley, California

Favorite Hobbies: Skateboarding 

Favorite Animal: Bengal Tiger

Why do you love teaching kids to code? They’re curious and have great ideas for games, animations, and all kinds of projects. It’s great to see students learn and apply concepts that I once struggled with.

Reserve Your Spot

Take advantage of early bird pricing until April 28th, 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if we missed anything or if you have question you’d like us to add to our FAQ!

Q: Why teach kids how to code? 

A: Code Naturally is focused on teaching 3rd-8th graders because studies show that students lose interest in math in 7th-8th grade when concepts become more abstract. The Code Naturally team has seen that students gain a more concrete grasp of math concepts if they can see them applied and visualize them with code.


Q: What do the students learn at Code Naturally?

A: Students get an introduction to programming comparable to what would be covered in an introductory programming class in college. By the end of the Summer Code Camp, students are able to create simple interactive games and animations in JavaScript. While they learn programming, they also apply the mathematics they are learning in their regular classes, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of both subjects.

Students also learn how to plan the projects they build in Code Naturally. The class requires them to set definite goals and break up complicated project ideas into discrete and completable steps before writing any code. This is a skill that can be applied in all fields of study and it is often not taught in school.

Through Code Naturally, students are continuously learning how to collaborate, respect others and problem solve—valuable and foundational skills for life.

Q: How can programs like Code Naturally create social change?

A: Code Naturally builds a passion for children to learn applied STEM concepts early on in their elementary and middle school education. This allows students to gain basic training and build confidence in themselves as an engineer, programmer and problem solver. Learning to program is an excellent way for students to build a growth mindset. They gain an understanding that an error doesn’t mean failure but that it means adjustment until we get to what we intended. In the process of learning to code, students learn how to include, respect and collaborate with others—life skills for being a good citizen. 

Q: How does Code Naturally enrich and support the community of Santa Cruz County?

A: Code Naturally offers a unique approach to applied science for students at local elementary and middle schools. By enriching children with skills in applied science, Code Naturally is bringing children together to learn valuable life skills such as collaboration, problem solving and respect. These foundational skills go far beyond the Code Naturally lab and help make our children and community stronger.

Besides providing access to computer science education in a number of local elementary and middle schools, Code Naturally also supports events and organizations with similar missions. 

Q: What do Code Naturally parents and teachers say?

A: Quotes include:

  • “My daughter is having a blast learning math concepts and problem solving. She gets individual attention so she can go at her own pace. I highly recommend their programs.” – Lucinda Davidson
  • “My daughter truly enjoyed seeing another step in the coding world and is understanding programming like never before.”- Sheree Ervin
  • “My son Henry fell in love with coding after taking Code Naturally’s classes”- Laamsha Young
  • “Olivia had a fantastic time at their summer camp at Brook Knoll Elementary. She and the kids didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.” – Samantha Samuels
  • “All 8 Math Principles from Common Core are applied when students program with Code Naturally.” – Karen Abraham, Teacher

Q: What do Code Naturally kids say?

A: Quotes include:

“Code Naturally is a great way to code. Thank you for making Code Naturally!”

“Well, sometimes the code can get really hard but I try to do most things on my own. I also like that Code Naturally lets you make anything you want and you can just be creative. I just think it can be challenging and fun at the same time!”


“I like it because when I started I got better at math.”

“Code Naturally has helped me with math because it really makes you think.”

“It helps me with patterns and complicated things that I might be doing in fifth grade. I think it will help me in the future and about the computer.”

“I think because you use graphs in code and you need to find the right numbers and the right x and y coordinates to get your shape, line, or point.”

“In math we have to think about what to say and how to say it. In Code Naturally we do that also.”

Q: What programming language do you teach and why is it important?

A: Students learn using the JavaScript programming language, and more specifically, the p5.js library which enables programmers to create shapes and visuals more easily. Though visual programming is just one small part of a larger whole in the world of Computer Science, about 80% of the web today is built with some form of JavaScript. By creating illustrations, animations and games with JavaScript, students are learning a professional, industry standard programming language that is an integral part of the web today!

Q: My child has no experience in Programming or Computer Science. Would Code Naturally be an alright fit for a complete newcomer?

A: Unlike many Programming Environments, we ensure every student who encounters our application has enough support to begin bringing their ideas to life with code immediately, whether or not they have ever written a single line of JavaScript before. Our application promotes accessibility and self-driven learning through project planning and creative ownership, giving beginner and veteran students alike all the tools and references they need to start programming.

Q: What’s the earliest I can drop off my student during Summer Code Camp?
8:45 AM. Our team arrives every day at 8:15 AM and need at least 30 minutes to prepare materials and the classroom for students every day. Students can arrive as late as 9:30 AM.

Q: What are the necessary Tech requirements? Do I need to provide my child with computer access?

A: Every classroom we teach out of come equipped with Chrome Books your child is able to use. At home, computers with Google Chrome installed are able to take full advantage of the Code Naturally Web App. Students are able to access their accounts from anywhere with a web connection, no software installation required.

Q: What’s the latest I can pick up my student during Summer Code Camp?

Pick up is between 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM for half day students and between 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM for full day students. However, our educators never leave a student unsupervised and always wait for parents to sign out all students before closing up for lunch.

Q: Should I pack lunch for my student?

A: Yes! We provide a light snack of chips, fruit, and water but snacks are no replacement for a nutritional lunch.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A:  Yes! Just contact us here and we’ll send you the necessary form.