Summer Code Camps From Code Naturally

Summer Code Camps From Code Naturally

Ages 8+, offered at the Santa Cruz Code Center and Cabrillo College

This Summer, let your student’s creativity shine by giving them the opportunity to build interactive games, animations and illustrations at one of Code Naturally’s Code Camps! We provide computers, snacks, fun offline activities and an unparalleled introduction to programming from trained educators.

It's fun, I get to code with my friends, and create my own creations!


In Code Naturally, you can make anything!


Coding is the best! It makes math more fun.


Camp Highlights:

Game Development

Students learn how classic games work and create their own version of some old favorites.

Real Programming

Students program in JavaScript and create games on par with students using the same language in their first year at college.

New Daily Goals

New games, goals, and challenges are presented to students each day to keep them engaged and excited.


We recommend students pack lunch but our team provides healthy snacks and water during code breaks for our hungry learners.


Students get multiple opportunities to work with friends and learn skills that allow them to work together efficiently and achieve mutual goals.

Code at Home

Students can keep adding to their projects or just play the games they made for fun using the Code Naturally app.

The Code Naturally team is making coding fun so my daughter has an affinity and interest in applied science.


Great program for kids! My kid loved every minute.


She absolutely loves it and the staff makes coding fun and exciting! So grateful for all their enthusiasm and energy they bring!


Check Out Our Students Describing Their Experience During This Year's Spring Code Camp!

The Santa Cruz Code Center

Join us at our flagship location and Summer Camp, conveniently located in Downtown Santa Cruz!

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Cabrillo College Extension

This Summer, we’re proud to partner with Cabrillo College Extension to offer 3 Summer Camps for varying age ranges and our first Code Camp exclusively for girls!

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Our Educators

They’re experienced, love programming, and know how to get your student excited about Computer Science.

Charity Funtila

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Guitar & Coding

Favorite Animal: Maltipoo dog

Favorite Food: Tacos

Why do you love teaching kids to code? They’re super creative and I love seeing what they’ll make. They also ask the best questions!

Joey Aronson

Hometown: Los Altos

Favorite Hobbies: photography, graphic design, and going to the beach.

Favorite Video Game: Tetris

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I like seeing their projects progress and get more complicated as they learn.

Morgan Eidam

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer & Going to the Beach

Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love that while I’m teaching code I’m able to learn along with the kids as they work on new projects. 

Charlie Weigel

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Favorite Hobbies: Playing Piano & Coding

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Food: Kimbap

Why do you love teaching kids to code? I love working with kids because of their endless imaginations and teaching them to code allows them to make their imagination a reality.

Sukh Singh

Hometown: Moreno Valley, California

Favorite Hobbies: Skateboarding 

Favorite Animal: Bengal Tiger

Why do you love teaching kids to code? They’re curious and have great ideas for games, animations, and all kinds of projects. It’s great to see students learn and apply concepts that I once struggled with.