Finally, An App For Bringing Programming Into The Classroom

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Sync our app with Google Classroom to manage students and keep track of progress.

Assign & Review

Use projects from our curriculum that engage & test understanding. Review student work and provide feedback.


Create a gallery of student work in your classroom to inspire the whole class’ creativity!

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Sync with Google Classroom

Import a ready-to-assign project. Modify it for your classroom if you wish, and assign to everyone!

Use our programming environment to demonstrate a solution to your project.

Bring Code Naturally to Your School

An App That Your Students Love Using

Our Student App is designed to let students unleash their creativity while learning essential skills such as project management, collaboration, and most importantly how to use programming to realize their ideas.

A Digital Canvas

Our large canvas opens up a world of possibility to students as they begin to use the concepts they’ve learned to fill in the blank space.

Pretty Code

Students learn to program in JavaScript but learn syntax and organization that transcends a variety of programming languages.

Create For You

Students create games, tools, and simulations that they love using and look for inspiration in the world around them.

Want to Create Something in Code Naturally?

Click the button below to preview our beginner application and program your first illustration.

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