Why We’re Opening the Code Center

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“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”
Steve Jobs

“You should open your own code center one of these days.”

This is something we’ve heard time and time again over the last few years from friends, parents, teachers, etc. And the day is here on which we do just that.

The past few months have been hectic bringing the Code Center to life, from the biggest picture of knowing what we wanted the Center to be for our students to smallest details like the wording on our banner. The hours have been long, the furniture assembled, and the paint is finally dry.

In a few short days, we’ll open the doors to our Code Center and with it a new chapter in our mission to teach kids how to code. And though we’re not the first to open a coding center we believe the Code Center offers a unique way to give students a headstart on their education and lives.

Individualized and Personalized Learning

We wanted to bring the Code Center to Santa Cruz because we felt an opportunity was being missed to give kids a place to unleash their creativity and learn to code all year round. Though we offer other programs like after school and summer camp, and while some kids have unlimited access to our app, many in Santa Cruz don’t have a space where they can go day-after-day, week-after-week to get hands-on as they build and create something that inspires them.

At the Code Center, we’ll encourage students to channel their creativity, and give them the skills, patience and confidence to bring their ideas to life, and the motivation to learn more and take on their next coding challenge! Whether it’s after school, on weekends, or over summer, students who want to continue developing their coding skills are invited to come to the Code Center as often as they’d like.

What was important to us as we developed the Code Center was ensuring it was a space that individualized the educational experience. We recognize that each child learns differently and we want to allow students to learn at their own pace while tailoring the experience to his or her interests and experience level. This personal attention goes far beyond the limits of an overcrowded classroom – to turn kids’ affinity for screens into opportunities for skill-building.

Project-Oriented Learning Experience

No boring theory lectures at the Code Center!

Instead, kids will learn computer programming concepts through projects – whether it’s developing a game, interactive stories, websites, or programmable circuits. The types of projects student can work on are only limited by the imagination.

Our project-based learning will allow students to build exactly what they want. This approach will ensure every one of our students creates something unique that demonstrates the skills they’re learning and mastering all while developing logical thinking, creative exploration, and critical reasoning. Students will gain a sense of ownership and pride when they create something using their new skills, and they’ll want to share their creations with family and friends.

To give students a genuine project-oriented experience, they’ll learn and build projects together with other students instead of in isolation. This approach will teach students how to collaborate and develop their social intelligence while making new friends along the way!

Immersive Learning Environment

Our priority with the Code Center is to teach kids how to code, but we also know how important it is to expose them to a wide range of subjects and skills. What makes the Code Center truly unique is that the space will boast a wide range of tech to create an entirely immersive learning environment. This will enable students to build games, projects, and apps and, most importantly, have fun learning core subjects such as math, physics, and engineering.

But this immersion learning goes beyond common core and STEM – it extends to life skills as we’ve set up the environment to focus on creativity, intellectual curiosity, and social collaboration. Our instructors will challenge students to think differently and expose them to new and exciting concepts that will pique their interest and ignite their passion.

The truth is, learning something foreign can be daunting, so we set out to design the Code Center to be an environment where kids can feel comfortable and be confident harnessing their adventurous nature, take risks, and explore what’s possible.

“You should open more Centers one of these days”

As the saying goes:

“Have a strong foundation, and one can build almost anything upon it.”

At Code Naturally we believe that high-quality learning should be accessible to all, and we want the Code Center to be the foundation for our beliefs. Coding today is so much more than computer science; it’s a way of thinking that promotes intellectual curiosity, problem-solving and creative expression. These are the real skills kids need for their futures.

We want the Code Center to give every child the opportunity to shape their future learning a vital skill they often don’t get the opportunity to at school. The Code Center will provide kids with a fun and interactive environment to learn, create, and master a skill as vital as reading and writing in our modern day and age.

Our vision is for Code Center to become a community of thinkers, creators, and the next generation of innovators. To be a fun and interactive environment where kids develop their logic, analytical thinking, and creative reasoning. To be a place that shows kids how to code and bring ideas to life through imagination and creativity.

To be a place that people see and say “you should open up more Code Centers one of these days.”


Interested in the Code Center? Learn more here.